Policy Types

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Multi-Peril Crop Insurance Products

  • Actual Production History (APH)

    A multi-peril crop insurance product that provides protection against a loss in yield due to nearly all natural disasters.

  • Revenue Protection (RP)

    A multi-peril crop insurance product that provides protection against production loss or price decline or increase, or a combination of both.

  • Pasture, Rangeland, Forage (PRF)

    PRF is an area-based plan that protects pastures, rangeland and forage. This program uses a rainfall index to determine losses and trigger an indemnity payment.

  • Margin Protection (MP)

    Margin Protection (MP) is an area-based insurance coverage option. MP provides protection for Corn & Soybeans against an unexpected reduction in operating margin (revenue less input costs), caused by decreased county yields, lowered commodity prices, increased prices of certain overhead, or any combination of these risks.

  • Revenue Protection with Harvest Price Exclusion (RP-HPE)

    Allows producer to exclude the use of the harvest price in the determination of the revenue protection guarantee.

  • Yield Protection (YP)

    Insurance coverage that only provides protection against a production loss for crops for which revenue protection is available but was not elected.

  • Average Yield Protection (AYP)

    AYP coverage is based on the experience of the county rather than individual farms, so APH is not required for this program. AYP indemnifies the insured in the event the county average per-acre yield or payment yield falls below the insured’s trigger yield.

  • Area Risk Protection Insurance (ARPI)

    A county-based insurance product that pays the producer in the event the county yield falls below the trigger yield selected by the producer.

  • Whole-Farm Revenue Protection (WFRP)

    WFRP allows farmers with two or more commodities up to 85% coverage against loss of revenue from commodities produced during the insurance period and commodities you buy for resale during the insurance period whether they are sold or not.

  • Catastrophic Risk Protection (CAT)

    The lowest level of yield protection, CAT insures 50% of production at 55% of the base price for a set fee. CAT has no optional units and does not pay for replants.

Crop Hail Insurance Products

  • Full Coverage

    A policy that gives the insured a payment that equals the percent of loss multiplied by the insured value per acre.

  • Deductible

    Policies that do not issue payments until the loss exceeds a set percentage.

  • Companion

    Policies that require the loss to exceed a set percentage. Once the loss exceeds the set percentage, then that percent is subtracted from the loss and multiplied by a factor of 2, 2.5, or 3, depending on the policy type.

Private Products

  • Revenue Accelerator Max Protection (RAMP)

    Offered by Farmers Mutual Hail, this exclusive program allows growers to boost revenues at specific risk levels on their MP policy and provides additional coverage for when production and/or revenue is just over/under the guarantee. Go Up to 95% and get Optional unit even if MPCI has EU.

  • Increased Coverage Election (ICE)

    Exclusive to ProAg, ICE increases the price you will receive for your indemnity in the event of a production loss. This product allows you to insure up to 95% and get OU on this extra band of coverage..

  • ARCH

    Offered through Diversified Crop Insurance Services, these products allow growers to purchase additional, un-subsidized bands of coverage up to 95% of Trend APH and OU even if underlying policy is EU.

  • Price Flex (PF)

    Price Flex is offered by Great American Insurance Group. It provides greater flexibility in marketing crops by offering more price discovery options to existing MPCI policies.

    Click here for Price Flex information

  • RPowerD

    This program provides more revenue protection than the base protection of an RP policy. Coverage levels from 70%-95% can be selected for corn and soybeans.

  • Price Select

    Offered by Diversified Crop Insurance Services, Price Select allows producers to add other months of futures to their policy, outside of the Spring base and Fall harvest prices.

    Click here for FAQs about Price Select

  • Revenue Select & Yield Select

    Offered through Diversified Crop Insurance Services, these products allow growers to purchase additional, unsubsidized revenue or yield protection as a supplement to the producer's MPCI policy.

    Click here for details on Revenue and Yield Select

  • Private Area Revenue (PAR)

    This supplemental insurance plan from Great American provides additional coverage to individual MPCI policies by allowing producers to purchase coverage for area-level revenue risk to supplement the individual coverage received on their MPCI policy.

  • Production Cost Insurance (PCI)

    Production Cost Insurance is a new program offered by DCIS for 2017. This program covers additional expenses not protected by MPCI, such as fertilizer, seed & chemicals.

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